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Who Is  Chemically Sensitive?


Just a whiff of cologne, detergent, or tobacco smoke could make a person with MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivities) sick for hours, days, or longer. People with MCS risk jeopardizing their health to obtain what most of us take for granted: food, medical care, access to businesses, schools, even social contact.

     If someone you know has MCS - a family member, friend, neighbor, client, student, or patient - you can be part of the solution. Simple measures costing little or nothing can improve access for people with MCS while providing good air quality that benefits everyone. Your cooperation will be much appreciated!



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It Is some times difficult to understand the person with MCS .  What is it that he is experiencing, and what is causing it.? Friends and relatives please read But You Look Fine For FAQ’s about this condition.


If Someone In Your Household Has MCS:

·         Avoid the Dirty Dozen

·         All household members should use the most tolerable of the Less Toxic Personal  Products and Less Toxic Cleaning Products

·         Having an overnight visitor? Here is our best advice


If You Plan To Visit Someone With MCS:

·         Avoid the Dirty Dozen

·          Discuss the use of Less Toxic Personal  Products and, if applicable, Less Toxic Cleaning Products

·         If staying overnight or for long periods, read House Rules and ask the person for a list of their own particular house rules


If Someone With MCS Will Visit Your Home:

·         See Preparing Your Home for the Chemically Sensitive Visitor 


If Your Neighbor Has MCS:

·         Avoid the Dirty Dozen

·         Please notify your neighbor in advance if you are planning to renovate, paint, use lawn chemicals or pesticides so that they can keep the windows closed or leave if necessary