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MCS House Rules for

Overnight Visitors

[Sample house rules of one person with MCS for overnight visitors]


In order to accommodate Cherylís health, please do not bring any toiletries or cleaning products into the guestroom or house. This includes everything -e.g. deodorant, shampoo, makeup, shoe polish, mouthwash, sunscreens, hand creams. Bring only your toothbrush. I have shampoo, antiperspirant, toothpaste and soap you can use, (everything else you must do without).


When you get here, plan to take a shower to get off the air freshener from airplanes and public places. If you usually wear scents such as perfume or cologne or deodorant soaps be aware that these stay in your system and your clothes through many washings. So that I may hug you, please stop wearing scents several weeks before coming here. As far as clothes go, please bring only washable things to wear here (jeans and T-shirts are great). If you wash your clothes in baking soda or plain water it will help to get off the detergent smell, then when you get here we can dump them all in the washer. (Luggage is pesticided and deodorized in the airplane, so all of your clothes will need to be washed when you get here, unless you pack them in plastic bags.)



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