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To eliminate Mosquitoes-

eliminate standing water.


To prevent being bitten cover your arms and legs and stay inside during the evening hours.


From the

Pima County Health Department - Advice

Fight the Bite





West Nile Virus

West Nile Virus (WNV) represents a minor threat to the people and horses in terms of contracting  the virus,  but a far greater threat  exists from potential aerial spraying, by government agencies, of Malathion. The option of spraying pesticide from trucks or airplanes over the city to try and kill adult mosquitoes has been taken by many US cities, including Phoenix, Arizona.  So far, here in Tucson, Arizona, that has not been done. 


Members of HEAL of Southern Arizona have been active in educating themselves and then our members, the general public and government  officials about the effectiveness and the dangers of aerial spraying, about alternative and superior methods of Mosquito abatement.

In November of 2004 the West Nile Virus Committee of HEAL of S AZ hosted a Mosquito Management workshop on IPM (Integrated Pest Management) techniques for mosquito abatement and on the health effects of Pesticides.  This workshop was attended by Health and environment managers from around the state of Arizona and featured nationally recognized experts from the IPM and Health fields. Fighting West Nile Virus describes the conference and some of the important information shared by the speakers.


In 2003 HEAL of S AZ  held a well attended meeting to educate the public on WNV. Original articles on West Nile virus were featured in the 2003 and 2002 in the Ecologic News. See those at:

West Nile Virus Articles.



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