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Children, the elderly, pregnant women, and people with chronic existing health conditions like MCS are especially vulnerable to the effects of pesticides.

House and garden sprays, bug bombs, roach and ant killers, weed killer, insect repellant, flea collars, and tick dips all contain poisonous pesticides. Even when applied as directed, pesticides are harmful humans, animals, and the environment. Fortunately, there is safe and effective…

Alternative Pest Control


Many people have developed MCS after being exposed to pesticides and herbicides. Research indicates that such products used in combination may be especially dangerous. 

Claims that a pesticide is “safe” for children and pets because it is registered with the EPA are misleading and illegal. Federal law requires that all pesticide products be registered with the EPA.

Odorless products can be highly toxic, therefore, exposure may occur without your knowledge. The common practice of spraying pesticides in public and private buildings without notifying occupants is a particularly dangerous (and often hidden) source of chemical exposure.


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The following organizations have good alternative pest control instructions:


 IPM - Integrated  Pest  Management, the alternative to pesticides – by pest……

NCAP: Alternative Pest Management,

The Pesticide Advisor: Less Toxic Help With Pest Problems from PANNA

Alternative Pest Control, from Lassen Technology.


 National Anti-Pesticide Organizations and  Research…

Beyond Pesticides- Arizona Pesticide information and news page.

NCAP: Northwest Coalition for Alternatives to Pesticides  - “Works to protect people and the environment by advancing healthy solutions to pest problems"

PANNA: Pesticide Action Network  - “Advancing Alternatives to Pesticides World Wide"

Pesticide Watch and Pesticide Watch Education Fund  - “Sister organizations dedicated to fighting dangerous pesticide use in California communities”.

Chlordane Treated Homes

Chemical Pesticides -Health Effects Research


 Books Available at the Tucson Public Library

Cleaning Nature Naturally – Gay

Natural Pest Control – Lopez

The Silent Spring – Carson

Common Sense Pest Control - Olkowski




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