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The Governorís Proclamation

†††††††††† Celebrating MCS Awareness Week2005





Come to our



Wed May 11th††† 11AM


Delicious food providedĖ

bring a side dish and label ingredients


Special drawing for volunteers Ė

terrific prizes


No pesticides in yard, no chlorine in the pool -

bring a swimsuit

and towel


Call Alan at




Help Make Our Community More MCS-Friendly

Our members have some great suggestions for projects in honor of MCS Awareness Week. Letís team up and get going on one or more this year. Itís empowering, we can work at our own pace as our health permits, and itís fun.

Cast Your Vote

Which of the projects below should we focus on this year?Each is divided into short, easy steps. Which step can you do? Donít know how? Weíll help!

Click Here or call (520) 297-7992.

Inform Paramedics

         Get our information packet

         Contact a local fire station

         Make a presentation

West Nile Virus Letters to the Editor

         Pick a topic (we can supply material) on alternatives to pesticide spraying for eliminating mosquitoes, and write a brief letter to the local newspaper editor

Advance Notice of Park Spraying

         Select a park and call to determine whoís in charge

         Request that someone in our group

†††††† be notified by phone or e-mail

Hospital Accommodation

         Obtain a list of safe hospital products

         Decide on a hospital and determine the proper contact

         Send or present information

Nursing Home Accommodation

         Select a nursing home where a

†††††† member needs accommodation

         Determine the proper contact

         Send or present information

Organize A Public Meeting

In honor of MCS Awareness Week, Oro Valley United Church in beautiful Pusch Ridge will waive the $100 meeting room rental fee. This project requires several volunteers willing to put in more effort.


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