Children, MCS, and Asthma



Dirty air may be bad for adults, but it is more than twice as bad for children. Asthma in children is increasing at an unprecedented rate. Today’s children breathe, eat, and come into contact daily with a multitude of chemicals unknown to previous generations. Many of these chemicals have known or suspected adverse health effects.

Much can be done to protect your child’s health. Here are some good resources:


Healthy Child On-line Allergies and Environmental Illness Page, with general introduction, symptoms of environmental illness, detecting the source of EI, treatments and solutions

Children’s Environmental Health Network – its goal is to prevent damage to fetus and children from environmental toxins; tips for parents and a searchable title index for contaminants e.g. solvents, cadmium, etc.

Environmental Causes of Learning Disabilities and Child Neurological Disorders includes a chart by contaminant to fetus.

Aerosols Linked to Baby Illness, Report by the BBC

Child Mattress Emission Generate Concern, from Dr. Sinclaire’s site Chem–Tox.  See also Environmental Causes of Infertility Problems on this site.

Toxic Schools  An article by a nurse practitioner and mother of two school age boys.

Stephanie's Story, MCS From a Child's Perspective


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